Dabawenya. That’s Me.

When I was in Cambodia for the Asean Tourism Forum (ATF 2011),  I carried with me my unusual calling card. It’s bigger than your regular one.  The square size makes quite a visual impact so as not to be forgotten easily.  Notably because they find it hard to place it in a wallet or a pocket. (evil grin).

Being female, though, I have a habit of changing my card design every now and then.  The crazy artist just won’t keep still.  You will find out later in my web layouts, as colors keep changing and headers go crazier.

Oh, sorry. You were expecting a little introduction of sorts.

I was born in Davao Oriental and my family came to settle in the city when I was an infant. My childhood was a sheltered one in V. Mapa Road, where a huge prison once stood.  Years went by, and that prison gave way to months of banging noises, pounding incessantly at night, as the Central Bank was being erected.  As I grew up, the once quiet neighborhood was besieged by development, one after another:  residential buildings, restaurants, bars, cafes, banks, stores and schools.

Davao has come a long, long way since the 80s.  And if I were a photographer then, there would have been more “before and after” photos to show.

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About Jojie Alcantara

JOJIE ALCANTARA is a Filipina writer (proud Dabawenya), photographer and artist who leads a double life. One is a stay-at-home, insomniac cartoonist and painter. The other self is a solo traveler exploring images of humanity and nature. In between catnaps she blogs, watches horror movies at midnight, hosts TV specials, and captures funny signs. How she juggles her time remains to be a mystery. http://about.me/jojiealcantara